Our Library is located upstairs, across from the church’s main office. This ministry provides valuable Christian resource material, such as: books, tapes, videos, and other media on a vast array of topics, all from a God-honoring perspective.

Here, one is sure to find a variety of resources to help along this journey of faith. Whether you are interested in: a study to help you grow in your walk with Christ or deepen your understanding of God and His character; a means of encouragement through difficult times; or simply morally sound entertainment for you and your whole family, the GAC library definitely has a broad selection of things to choose from to help you do just that, and so much more!

The library is an example of biblical stewardship – common resources used to meet needs. Although library volunteers maintain it, YOU are the library stewards. The following guidelines are provided to help you use the library responsibly.

Please take time to visit the library often to take advantage of this wonderful ministry!

Those interested in assisting in the library ministry may contact the church office at 724-588-7167 for further details.